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Pedro Elías Corro is a producer and DJ from Venezuela, who grew up in the neighborhood of Catia, in Caracas during the 90’s. Having grown up in the world of minitecas (mobile sound systems), Pedro Elias was able to develop his ear, as well as his DJ skills, from an early age. Particularly, by frequenting music gear and record shops in Catia such as ‘Audio Jbl’ and ‘Djs Shop’, which were the hotspots for all the miniteca dj’s who were after the latest imports in dance music.

By digging through the crates of these shops, Pedro Elias found inspiration in records from labels such as Italian Style Production, UR, Dance Street Technoland and ZYX. These influences, along with Afro-Venezuelan drumming and Caribbean Dance music, inspired Baba to create a new form of dance music which would be later known as Raptor House. As the technology for music-making became more affordable in mid 90s, the Miniteca scene gave birth to a string of new producers in Venezuela. Names such as El Mago, Dr Sampler, DJ Lemad, DJ Deep, DJ Yet (later known as DJ Yirvin) and DJ Baba.

This new Venezuelan-flavored form of club music would become initially known as Street House, but as each producer developed their own style, new names for their sounds appeared; such as Town House, Hard Fusion and Raptor House, for which DJ Baba is the progenitor. The tracks on this EP are a compilation of music that Baba produced between 2001- 2005, at the peak of the ‘Raptor House’ scene. Included are collaborations with DJ Lemad [‘Mario Vol 3’ and ‘Aget Love’] and a remix of ‘Teque Teque Alright’ by Nick Léon.

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