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Contrived through a pure spawn of friendship and boundless exploration, Sin Limites began as a jam between Nap, Ex-Terrestrial & Roza Terenzi in Montreal 2018 with no intentions. After a reshape and polish from Priori it found its way back to demolish dancefloors, slipping into mixes over the years and standing the test of time; a micro reissue of sorts finding a home on Delicate Records with a pair of remixes from none other than Ambien Baby & D. Tiffany to keep things in the chosen family. The title track is simple yet bold in nature; daring hypnotic metallic sequence, original Spanish vocals laced throughout by Nap and rough ‘n’ rugged 606 drums; a master in exquisite nuance and tech-evolution. Dormant until 2021, the B side rose from the ashes via the remixes to anoint the record as a three part ode to No Limits; a timeless ethos shared and lived amongst all involved.

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