Giano Electronics vol. 1

Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: Giano Electronics | GE001
Style(s): Electro House
Country: Italy


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First V.A. compilation from new Rome-based label Giano Electronics, formed by a group of producers and DJs from the orbiting sub-genres of techno, electro, acid and idm.

The record kicks off with “Neuromancer” – a dissonant dystopian electro tune from the Gibson golden age by T/Error, followed by JFrank with the polyrhythmic vortex of “Premedidatio Malorum”; A-side closes with a grinding electro assault entitled “Capacitor Discharge” by Akkaelle.

B-Side opens with the nostalgia drenched ambient acid “Cphrigyan acid” by duo Anywave and the whole EP is topped off with the cinematic downtempo electro track “A few thoughts away” by Heinrich Dressel.

Mastered by Andrea Merlini.

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