Motion Suite

Artist(s): Pipe + Taslo
Label: Global North | GN03
Style(s): House Tech House
Country: Germany


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For the third release on Global North, DJ Pipe teams up with Crawley wunderkind Taslo to summon DJs and punters alike into their “Motion Suite”: celebrating a partnership galvanized during countless misspent hours on the dancefloors of Berlin, Tisno and beyond.

A1 “Realtime Bounce” gets things moving with slick tribal-house rhythms, fevered exhortations and a folder-full of stabs: not stopping for breath yet still keeping it deep. Bouncy and boisterous “Palladium” marries the sacred resonance of the S900 with undulating sub-bass squelch, making it a certified winner in rooms of all shapes and sizes. Pure momentum!

GN03’s flip side continues to deliver sustained bang for your hard-earned buck, with the oily, viscous grooves of “Moonshine” tumbling into your lugholes to deliver a fast-paced and dynamic tech-house cut. B2’s sensual “Shake It” rounds off the collection with heavily swung snares, strung-out chords and plenty of analogue delay – a supremely versatile deep house cruiser with the subtlest hint of melancholy.

Another refined, massively playable slab from Global North – and probably not the last you’ll hear from Pipe + Taslo… enter the Suite.

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