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Are you feeling it? For Number 22 we’ve got Eric OS, and babe this one ain’t flat. The adept Swede’s musical musings hit us right in the sweet-spot from beat numero uno, and it became all too obvious we had to get this one into your orbit. Sustaining the impeccable vibes from his fledgling yet extremely popular Space Trace 001 and 002 records, Eric OS has brought the world yet more blissed-out, iconic house, straight from the void.

Let’s dive in. The EP begins with ‘In Dimensions’, an acid-tinged, elevated pumper, sprinkled with acute vox and mysteriously delightful key progressions. Next up is the aptly named ‘Windowbreaker’, as you may need to reinforce your frames and shoe soles whilst stepping about to this one. Elements of early Mosca and Bashmore infuse and obsequiously seep through the monolithic percussion, with the neatness and definition of an old hand. The B Side begins with the title track, ‘From The Void’, shifting the momentum towards the prog domain whilst maintaining synchronicity within the shuffling house drums and synth wizardry. Closing the record we have ‘Connexion’, completing Eric OS’ concoction of grand design. The atmospheric elegance waxes and wanes, breathing fresh air into your mind and cloaking the world once more in unequivocal house music.

Well, what a tour de force! We jumped straight on the Eric OS train without a moment of doubt, now you can ride it too. Grab your tickets now, trace your way into the void of space. One way ticket, no return!

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