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A1. Development (Imposter Syndrome Mix)
A2. Prototrek
B1. Liquid Rats (Environment Mix)
B2. Beach Goth (A.D.H.D Re-Work)


This is the genesis point for Yugambeh Country (Burleigh, Queensland) based imprint 100 FOLD. Forward facing yet with a respectful, almost romantic eye tuned into the deepest echelons of electronica and dance music so desperate for a revisit. Healthy doses of deep, esoteric atmosphere and high-tech abstraction are treated with care and precision equally.

We are softly welcomed with the peaceful entrance of Development (Imposter Syndrome B Side Mix), guided by native fauna field recordings and foley. Electronic dub energies are glued together with tropical island paradise level ambience, waves of effortlessly full pads and lush bass pulses evaporate into mist. A moment of reflection and centring before a second act of chunky and bombastic beats, dancing in harmony with the soothing nature of it’s humble beginnings. Prototrek brings us a fat slice of deep space pastoralism, high functioning trip-hop from the deepest reaches of the cosmos. The soundtrack to an interstellar journey towards unknown frontiers and endless paradigm-shifting possibilities. starting off the B side is Liquid Rats (Environment Mix). True downtempo and psybient of the highest order. Tranquil, dynamic and effortless.

Finishing up on the B side is the insanely warehouse ready Beach Goth (A.D.H.D Re-work). Straight up late 90’s/early 00’s electro and big beat with genius level intellect, a “Need For Speed: High Stakes” type beat. High octane drums, nitrous infused breaks and laser accurate bleeps all riding a bassline with infinite torque. Sounds for hitting the accelerator deep in the night and not looking back. Big “Tokyo Drift” energy on the tubular bells near the end, sending this piece high into the stratosphere. Full dichotomous flip on the records finisher; Smoking With Laraaji. Digital whip-birds announce your arrival at this atmospheric finale, warm synthetics and naturalistic percussion closes this pentalogy in the only way that feels right. With a sense of triumph and optimism. Something we could all use more of in our lives.

This record is a deeply human experience, meticulously crafted by the artist and lovingly mastered by Smallville records alumni Moomin. The energy of the natural, terrestrial moments are shared effortlessly with an otherworldly, cosmic vision of a utopic rave society.

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