VT Trad

Artist(s): Spray
Label: Kalahari Oyster Cult | OYSTER46
Style(s): Tech House Trance
Country: Belgium


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From its beginnings as a reissue label, Spray has always been guided by an insatiable appetite for proggy dance music. If excavating long-forgotten gems weren’t enough though, the Irishman behind it all emerged from the fever dream that was lockdown a fully-realised producer/DJ entity. Also taking the name for his alias, Spray comes forth with a typically fractal offering.

Insistent throb and propulsive, direct drive underpin the A-side. Where ’VT Trad’ opts for nebulous, cosmic detail and shadowy flex, ‘Q3projz’ surfaces a more utopian take on the blueprint.

‘Zippycher’ then comes flush with wide-eyed radiance; a buoyant, lysergic rite primed for collective physical experience. ‘Slipped’, on the other hand, recalls early ‘90s Art Of Trance while sidestepping revivalist tags. Proper third portal business.

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