The Light In The Darkness Saga Vol1





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Satelliet Studio Recordings is a Berlin based label born first as a multidisciplinary brand related to the early underground music scenes. Since years Satelliet built up a community through creating and sharing material connected to it. This release, named “The Light In The Darkness Saga Vol1”, is the first of a trilogy that will be mainly curated by the italian producer Otis and Satelliet’s co-owner and creative director Intheismah.

The record is the result of a long journey embracing different styles such as Dark Electro House and Synth Techno, creating a perfect blend of dancefloor filler and after
hours tracks. A proper mix of light and darkness. All tracks are written and produced by Otis & Intheismah, except A1 and B1 composed by Otis. Mastered at MaSpaventi Studio. Art by Chiara Pignoloni.

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