Relacion Especial (inc Move D Remix)

Artist(s): Bluespirit
Label: Secret Society | SCRTC010
Style(s): Deep House House
Country: Chile


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I remember as if it were yesterday when we launched the first release and we set out to make a top quality label in Chile.

Today after much effort and enthusiasm we celebrate our 10th release and we are extremely excited about this accomplishment.
For this special release we are introducing 2 of the most influential artists in electronic music.
Bluespirit aka Steve O’Sullivan debuts on our label with his track ‘Special Relationship’ a slightly different groove from what Steve is known for, he blends a touch of disco with an mesmerising groove, ideal for the dancefloor.
Straight from planet love our Astronaut Move D, creates an environment full of harmonic sounds and deep details that characterise this legend.
To close the Ep we added a remix by one of the new producers of underground music that Chile. Joaquín takes the essential elements to generate a dynamic remix with a subtle groove making this remix enjoyable from start to finish.
The artwork on the cover is created by the super talented Javier Otero making this unique release a complete package that mixes the fabulous with the fresh.

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