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Tunisia based Jihed Monser aka HearThug swaggers aboard Sex Tapes From Mars for the wax-only label’s fourth release; a robotic excursion into gritty, tongue in cheek vocoder, bolstering acid lines and vintage pad swoons.

Heading straight for the dancefloor, it opens with “Computerized Souls”, going notably heavy on the drums and low-end, with acid madness at the forefront and alien sounding melodies enabling the eeriness.

“Generation Of Robots”, is flooded with sci-fi melodies, retro B-boy references and rinsed-out,16-bit, bouncing unfettered tones.

On the flip, “Buzz! Look An Alien (Oh No – No Mix)” neatly fits either the warm up or early hours, filling the low-key, understated spaces it reaches with plenty of esoteric colour and character.

“The Dreams Let You Die” is a poignant closer, sampling Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic Twin Peaks theme to maximal effect. It’s full of moody bass melodies and exquisite, chugging percussion, marking a slinky finale to a highly versatile and well-rounded record.

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