Vis à Vis

Artist(s): Alex Celler
Label: PAL SL | SL15
Style(s): Minimal
Country: United Kingdom


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Following up his ”Haz / Pacificon EP” last year in Trelik, Alex Celler delivers his second release for Baby Ford but this time on his PAL SL imprint. This EP takes a darker, more techno approach which fits the PAL SL vibe and will be the 15th installment since the label was launched in 1996. ”Vis-a-Vis” will hit the shops in the spring and contains two tracks. On the A Side ”Feudade” (pronounced feud-aid) is a percussive and haunting melancholic trip that stretches steadily over 10 minutes. It expands into a lamenting, metallic Sansula melody. On the flip-side ”Vis-a-Vis” is a broken-beat, deeper techno number with electronic soundscapes and a bouncy kickdrum / bass combination, riding along jazzy synth lines & solos. Chopped vocals, syncopated rhythms and FX complete the scenery of the B side which decomposes gradually into its own elements. .

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