Artist(s): Florian Kupfer
Label: Technicolour | TCLR013
Style(s): Acid Techno
Country: United Kingdom


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He surfaces once again for Technicolour — Ninja Tune’s singles label—with Explora, a four-track EP, brimming with punchy percussion, swatches of low-end menace, mechanical grind at a steady build, and a deep unidentifiable rumble. There is a certain darkness which pervades his body of work and Explora is no stranger to it, submerging the listener deep in the void somewhere between the crazed collectivity of the dancefloor and the inescapable solitude of the home that awaits. Inspired in equal parts by the solace of Berlin winter, dormant emotions following the 9/11 attacks and psychedelic experimentation, Kupfer proves once again that much magic can be made on a one-take hardware jam in his bedroom.

A1. Explora (Slave)
A2. Headpiece
B1. Brute Force
B2. Shpel

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